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Erza sat staring down into the amber liquid that filled her shot glass. She was seated at a bar in the East of Crocus. Aware that she shouldn’t drink before the final day of the competition, she couldn’t help herself. The redhead wasn’t turning to alcohol but rather getting away from him. She could take anything if she didn’t have to face it emotionally head on. Physically, Erza may be the strongest woman in Fiore. Mentally, on the other hand, she was a train reck in the middle of the ocean. She downed the shot and ordered another. After the next, another, and another, until her face was flushed and the world around her moving too fast for her to process accurately.
All that came to mind was him. That night on the beach. When he turned his back on her, shut her out. Even drunk, it burned her heart.

Your fingertips across my skin, The palm trees swaying in the wind, Images.... You sang me Spanish lullabies, The sweetest sadness in you
:icongunnerpuppy:Gunnerpuppy 2 2
Medieval Tales
Part 1  Old Friend
The summer breeze rattled stacks of wheat and other goods in the marketplace. Notably one particular stack of crates was looking unsteady noted a redheaded mage who was just one occupant of the bustling capitol city of Fiore, Magnolia. As she passed the crates she heard a snap and quickly responded. The crates had been freed from their restrains and nearly come toppling down on the road. However strong she was, the redhead was not strong enough to support the weight of the crates. Luckily, someone jumped in and helped her support them. 
"On three." said a barritone voice, obviously belonging to a man. 
"One." Erza started.
"Two, three! Lift!" finished the cloaked stranger. He was tall and from what Erza could gather, well built. She liked the sound of his voice, errrr, maybe not.... 
"Thanks, and you are?" but when she turned to see who had assisted her, she saw him making a break for a nearby alley. 
"Wait!" she ran after hi
:icongunnerpuppy:Gunnerpuppy 2 0
Spring, the New Beginning
    Erza inhaled the moist, warm spring air. Dew, like sparkling shards of diamond, dotted the grass and speckled the canopies of trees. Erza's breathing was slightly accelerated as she ran through Magnolia's Crocus Park. The seventeen year old high school student was a decent runner, although, she was an ace thrower. She had however placed first in a 400 meter sprint for their invitational meet not long ago. She also placed first in shot put, discus, and javelin. She was spending her Saturday training hard to make an even better time and throw even farther. She might even consider a relay rather than the 400m but she hadn't decided.
    After finishing out the run, she stopped to rest under an oak, leaning against its rough bark. She slid down to fully catch her breath, resting her forehead on her knees and back against the tree. Something landed on her head causing her to sit up and examine it. The debris that had landed in her hair was a sakura petal which m
:icongunnerpuppy:Gunnerpuppy 7 13
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It has consumed my life.
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I lived in Europe for just over two years in the country of Serbia and got to see most major European capital cities. I went to the International School in the Capital, Belgrade, and took French for the 1 1/2 school years I was there. I don't know much because it was an advanced class so I learned very little. Now, I'm taking French and along with English and Science is one of my best subjects. I love anime, especially Fairy Tail, and I ship mainly Jerza, Mystwalker, NaLu, and Gruvia.


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